Project Management Challenges
The benefits of faster Project execution in various Sectors including Power Sector are enjoyed by other countries.

The Group has executed the Artemis Hospital Project & other Projects on fast track and intends to carry on the Power Sector Projects with equally strong Project Management techniques to add Power Generation faster and contribute PTL’s bit to bridge the gap with other contries.

The PTL is in an Energy Intensive manufacturing Industry. The competiveness in various parameters have increased, the most important being cost of inputs which includes Cost of Power also. PTL have benchmarked these parameters against the best in the Industry, which includes Power Input also.

Captive Power Generation

Captive Power Plants (CPPs) for the Industry have come a long way in India. The estimates on captive power capacity in the India vary with the Central Electricity Authority putting the figure at about 12,322 MW while industry experts feel that it is much higher, close to 20,000 MW

Industrial sector is one of the largest consumers of Electrical energy in India.

However, a number of industries are now increasingly relying on their own generation (captive and cogeneration) rather than on grid supply, primarily for the following reasons:
  • Non-availability of adequate grid supply
  • Poor quality and reliability of grid supply
  • High tariff for the Industry as a result of heavy cross subsidization
  • Reliability of power supply from Captive Plants Provide a source of firm power
Status of Captive Power in Tyre Sector:

The Tyre Sector comes as a Part of Engineering sector and boasts for a very high of approx. 20.1% of the total Captive Power Plant Capacity.

The Industrial houses have now gone in Large Captive power plants of corporate are selling surplus power as Merchant Power to the state electricity boards through 15-25 year power purchase agreements (PPAs) or to other Industry or even selling it through Electricity Trade Exchange.
Industry Capacity MW % Share
Cement 1223 9.9
Chemicals 2076 16.8
Electronics 59 0.5
Engineering 2479 20.1
Jute 207 1.7
Metals & Minerals 2404 19.5
Miscellaneous 784 6.4
Paper 473 3.8
Services 80 0.6
Sugar 706 5.7
Textile 1303 10.6
Unclassified 530 4.3
Total 12322 100
Source : Power Line Research
Sourcing the Power from the most dependable & economic source

While Captive Power will take some time, the company has envisioned to be direct player in sourcing Power ( buy & sell) and to make it available to its multi location usage in Tyre Industry as well as the Health Care Industry , all these location need a stable and Cheapest Power Supply, which can be optioned from Power Sourcing from the a dependable source.

GoI has indicated an overall energy shortage of 13% Power and 18% Shortfall for the 12th Plan starting 2012. PTL has geared itself up for Power Generation for its Captive needs and surplus power generated to be offered to the Grid.


Foreseeing the Power Shortages in the country , the company has planned to invest in Power Sector

In addition to the Top Management , PTL has a team to handle Power Sector as under:

Mr. YP Chawla held senior positions and has more than 39 years experience in various disciplines of power sector ranging from Project Development, Generation, Transmission and distribution of power from conventional and non conventional technologies in various Companies, including Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. a Multi Billion Turn Over Company, Multi Product, Multi locations and Geographic Projects World Over. Experience in Multi Mn. USD EPC Projects in Power Plants, Industrial Plants, Project Management, Project Financing, Procurement , International Mktg., Corp. Publicity.

Mr. Vinay Kumar is a BE (Mechanical) and MBA (Power Management) National Power Training Institute and has years of experience in the various fields: arranging open access, commercial, energy accounting etc in the Power Trading with leading industrial house having a Electricity Trading License of Category I.

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